Message from the President

The University of Chicago’s contributions to human understanding and its engagement with society’s challenges grow from a distinct culture of inquiry. As stewards of that foundational culture, we continue to seek new ways to support scholars and students at all levels in their pursuit and testing of new ideas and to expand the impact that their ideas can have around the globe.

In the last fiscal year we established the Neubauer Family Collegium for Culture and Society to encourage and support cross-disciplinary collaboration among scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Aimed at helping scholars reach across traditional boundaries to address questions of lasting importance, the Collegium will enable us to forge new paths in humanistic inquiry and new connections to other disciplines.

We have re-imagined our approach to artistic study and practice with the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, which had its first academic and public uses this year. The Logan Center is both a home for artists and scholars, and a key venue for the Arts and Public Life Initiative, a new effort to enrich cultural interactions between the University and local artistic communities.

The University of Chicago Medicine continued to shape the practice of clinical medicine with the establishment of the new Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence. Addressing the key role of doctor-patient relations in medical outcomes, the Bucksbaum Institute will train medical students and faculty who will serve as educators and role models in doctor-patient communication and clinical decision-making.

Two programs launched this year will strengthen partnerships and collaboration among the University of Chicago Law School, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the Department of Economics, and the Harris School of Public Policy. Law and Economics 2.0, an initiative that includes the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics, will further the University's pioneering application of economics to the study and practice of law. Established within the Becker Friedman Institute, the Andrew and Betsy Rosenfield Program in Economics, Public Policy, and Law will harness multidisciplinary perspectives to address pressing social problems.

Our commitment to engaging with the challenges of our neighborhoods, city, and nation has led to important new partnerships. This year the University and the City of Chicago signed a memorandum of understanding to promote sustained economic development on the South Side. A vivid example of the power of that partnership is evident on 53rd Street in Hyde Park, where the University and City have catalyzed a historic redevelopment, bringing new jobs, amenities, and retail options to the community.

These ambitious initiatives have enriched the University and strengthened our standing as an intellectual destination. This year we announced the appointment of three esteemed researchers to the faculty of the Institute for Molecular Engineering. Our faculty, students, and alumni have been recognized in their fields with awards, including the Japan Prize for Healthcare and Medical Technology; fellowships, including the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Junior Fellowship; and scholarships, including the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

A growing appreciation for the value of a University of Chicago education is apparent in the sharp growth of highly qualified students around the world applying to the College and in admitted students who choose the College over other outstanding institutions. Year after year, measures for the incoming class of both accomplishment and diversity have increased. The Odyssey Scholarship program celebrated its fifth anniversary this year, helping even more qualified students from families with low to moderate incomes attend the College.

The advancements detailed in this report are driven by the great commitment of our community to fulfilling the University’s mission and, we hope, improving the world. With your continued engagement, we aim to carry this momentum through equally ambitious endeavors in the coming years.

Robert J. Zimmer, President


Photo by Peter Kiar